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White Papers for Insurance Technology

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Making Strategic and Wise Investments for Policy Administration & Other Systems
By Deborah Smallwood, principal with the consultancy Strategy Meets Action (SMA). This research paper covers SMA's framework for the breadth of technology functions that an insurance company needs and how today's technology enables a range of options from one-vendor-for-each-function approaches to...

CSAA Insurance Group: A Core Replacement Odyssey - A CEB TowerGroup Case Study
by EIS Group
CSAA Insurance Group: A Core Replacement OdysseyThis CEB TowerGroup Case Study outlines the full life cycle of the policy administration replacement project at CSAA Insurance Group, which provides AAA-branded personal lines insurance to more than 17 million AAA members in 23 states. Find out...

Billing Modernization Drives Sales Performance and Service Excellence
by MajescoMastek
To win over a new generation of customers, increase efficiency, and bolster the bottom line, insurers are focusing on billing modernization and consolidation....

Green Information Technology Makes the ROI Grade with Web-Savvy Document Capture Systems
by Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT)
Enterprise content and document management (ECM)systems have long offered the ability to realize quantifiable business benefits, efficiencies, and savings. If your goal is “Green IT,” you should know that ECM systems can support corporate-wide environmental initiatives while positively impacting the...

The Future of Disability Claims Management
by FINEOS Corporation
How Changes in Environment & Technology are Redefining the MarketThis whitepaper outlines the changes in the disability market from both a medical and a technical perspective and will highlight the key areas of opportunity for insurers that we see happening today and emerging in the near...

Data Rich but Information Poor
by Cover-All Technologies Inc.
Insurance companies produce vast amounts of data both in breadth and volume, but very few companies have been successful in transforming their data into accurate and actionable intelligence. Within this whitepaper we'll discuss best approaches to a Business Intelligence initiative...

Build vs. Buy: Why Sharepoint Doesn’t Meet Document Control Demands for Quality and Compliance
by IBS America, Inc.
Although SharePoint provides features that you can use to build out your own rudimentary documentmanagement system, the costs of programming and IT support, maintenance and training as well as thepossible legal ramifications due to the lack of verifiable audit trail make using SharePoint or...

Adverse Selection Warning Signs: How to avoid being negatively impacted by the competition.
by Valen Analytics
Learn how to avoid being negatively impacted by the competition by identifying the common warning signs that you are being adversely selected. With more companies using predictive analytics, this topic is growing in importance. Recently, Dowling & Partners Securities, LLC, released a special...

Data-Powered Underwriting Survey Results
by FirstBest Systems
How are carriers using data and analytics to improve underwriting today? What are their greatest challenges? And what benefits will data and analytics provide? FirstBest surveyed underwriters and other key stakeholders to better understand their drivers, challenges, and strategies....

12 Ways to Know If Your System Is Truly Adaptive
by Adaptik Corporation
Understand the importance of adaptive P&C insurance systems – and the 12 criteria required to be truly adaptive....